VBTUTOR.NET is the One-Stop Visual Basic tutorials and resource centre . We present our tutorials in straightforward manner to assist everyone masters Visual Basic programming effortlessly. Visual Basic Tutorials available on our website are VB 6, VB 2008, VB 2010, VB 2012, VB 2013 and VB 2015. Our tutor, Dr.Liew, has also written a number of VB books for enhanced learning.

Featured VB Book

by Dr.Liew

Visual Basic 2013 Made Easy

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What is Visual Basic?

VISUAL BASIC is a high level programming language which  evolved from the earlier DOS version called BASIC. BASIC means Beginners’ All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. It is a relatively easy programming language to learn. The code looks a lot  like English Language. What programs can you create with VB? It  can be used to create useful business software, stimulating educational programs,cutting-edge engineering applications, amusing games, entertaining multimedia programs and many other practical applications. Some of the VB sample codes created by us are calculator,  Library System,  Stop Watch, simultaneous equations solver, slot machine and more.

Featured VB Book

by Dr.Liew

Visual Basic 2010 Made Easy

Preview the book

Featured VB Book

by Dr.Liew

Preview the book

Featured VB Book

by Dr.Liew

Visual Basic Sample Codes

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  1. yusufmudi

    I am very grateful to be a member of this important forum. I hope I will be having a support from time to time-you know I am a beginner to a Vb programming. Thank you.

  2. Dumisani

    I’m having problems dealing with functions and sub procedures, can you help me get a simple way of dealing with them?

  3. Lonbup jatfa butko

    I want to programme a digital signboard using visual basic,pls hw wil i go abt it..

    1. 5ran6

      U’ll import ur timer, atribute its properties under ur properties tabs knowing dat 1000 = 1sec. Then u go on and call it wen u want it 2 run

  4. saiful islam molla

    hello everybody !How r u all ? from this website i want to learn how can i become a good programmer by vb. plz ans me . Ineed more website to more vb, book 2 download.

  5. Om Runglall

    Nice tutorials and examples that shoot off starters and ‘experts’ to realise the potential of the software as well as that of the imagination of the programmer. it is appreciated that the site gives ‘as it is’ codes that can be tested and experienced at end users’ fingertips – keep going and see shoots of further developments. Long live the senders and users of VB.

  6. Stephen Salama

    Hello friends!
    I’d like to create a small game that should include a database to store answers. it’s like a quiz game. how should i manage? Thanks

    1. Demmy

      I am new to VB. I want to write a programm to READ Excel file, PROCESS (COMPUTATION) and PRINT the output on paper. Please I need someone to just give a sample BEGINNING.


  7. Max Wickson

    The password cracker example is an excellent illustration of software directing computing power to perform repetitive tasks that a human would find unbearable. The work of brute force password cracking, of course grows exponentially with each added character.
    Similarly, we can use computing power to hide data in plain sight via encryption. I prepared an overview of my Text Encoder app with vbtutor.net in mind. Please see the link that is given as my “Website” above. The Text Encoder application I’ve written produces ciphers that statistically would require one billion (one thousand million) plain text attempts to crack. My example webpage explains in overview terms how “vbtutor.net” becomes a 40 character cipher and back again. Please note the Text Encoder is not a commercial project.

  8. bbbie


    please assist me in my task: i need to make a GUI in VB2010 that will display and plot a graph of data/signal obtained from a microcontroller connected to my PC.
    i have been studying VB2010 but have not been able to make any appreciable progress.



  9. Max Wickson

    I am curious about ongoing interest in VB6. My understanding (which may be wrong) is that it is the last version of VB that does not include the .NET framework. I’m wondering if VB6 is being developed further outside of MS to provide developers with an alternative to .NET / ASP / CLR?

    My personal situation is that when I get a new computer every few years – I leave the older computers running the latest release of Visual Studio that the hardware can handle. Therefore I’ve got the following OS/ IDE pairs going on: XP PRO/VS 2005, Vista Ult / VS 2008, WIN7 / Vs2010 AND WIN8 / VS2012.

    Thanks for the opportunities to expand my understanding of VB.


  10. Muzeka Ntoka

    am in need of a code that might make my lines of segments move in vb 2010. HELP PLEASE!!!

  11. jimz

    can you send me codes in VB for inventory database or any tutorial in making an inventory manager using VB?thanks a lot..i’ll be glad if you can e-mail me the codes.thanks. my e-add is


  12. Ajiboye Moses

    I really impressive, i gained a lot through ur online tutorial. more grease to ur elbow. I pray that God wil increase ur strength and meet all ur need. thanks am very grateful, keep it up.

  13. Leong

    Hi I m interested in learning Visual Basic and Excel VBA. Beside taking up a course what are the things (hardware and software) I need to have.

    What are the cost involved.

    Please advise.


    1. Rajendran

      Hi I m interested in learning Visual Basic and Excel VBA. Beside taking up a course what are the things (hardware and software) I need to have.

  14. Jeremy

    I need help. I am trying to write a program for data acquistion using NI USB-6009 device and not sure how to start. I am pretty sure I need to access a driver from the NI DAQmx software but do not know which one(s) I need to use. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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