Creating your own website

กก A lot people are interested in creating their own website because of the lucrative online business, particularly in the areas of online advertising such as Google's AdSense and online auction such as the model provided by ebay. Yes, many people are making good extra income through their amateurish personal websites; some even achieve five figures monthly income. You might be wondering how they do that. In actual fact, there is no simple way to create a web site; it is even more difficult to drive traffic to your web site. As for myself, although the income generated from my personal web site isn't as good as some of those five-figure income web sites, I am earning a decent income of a thousand dollar (in USD) monthly having started Google's AdSense program only four months ago, and the income is still rising. So, I think I have some important tips to share with all of you about web site creation.

In order to create a good web site that can attract huge traffic and page view, you must focus a lot on the contents. You must write something that can attract people's eyeballs and keep them coming back to visit your web pages. To start writing your web site, first of all you must decide on your web site's topic or theme. You should work on something you are good at. For instance, you can write something about programming, sports and games, travel, books review, astronomy, health, education, any hobby, and etc. Next, you should conduct some research by gathering information from books, journal, the Internet and so on. After you have gathered enough information, you may now design the framework for your contents and get the main topic and subtopics properly arranged.

กก To design your website, you can use GUI-based webpage development programs such as MS Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver and etc. Besides, you should also learn some basics of HTML so that you can customize your page better. For MS Frontpage, you have to purchase it. However, if you have Windows Vista, you can use notepad that come with it to design your web page using HTML. Oh top of that, you may add many goodies such as JavaScript, ASP, CGI Scripts, Java Applet, animated image, sound, video etc provided you have the expertise in each of the above technology.

After you have done all your web pages, you can then contact a web hosting company to register your domain name and to get a web server to store your files for online viewing by paying a nominal fee. You must think of a domain name that is related to your contents and special enough to catch people's attention. For example, my website is a tutorial website about Visual Basic programming so I register my website as When choosing your web hosting company, you need to conduct some background information check so that the company can provide consistent supporting service as well as high bandwidth so that your website will be available for viewing 24 hours a day. Off course you can register with a free hosting provides such as but you have to compromise for lack of customizable features and low bandwidth.

After completing your website, you have to market your web site; first of all you must submit your site to the major search engines through many website submission website, like

On top of that, you must remember to add all possible keywords related to your site in your META Tag so that search engines can crawl your site and find the necessary info. Besides, you can market your web site by emailing your friends, join discussion groups, leave messages in guestbook of other related web sites, join forums, and yes, answer questions in Yahoo! answers section. Most important of all, you must enrich your contents and update your web pages regularly.



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