Maximum Number Calculator


This program lets the user input three hidden numbers and the program can calculate the maximum number among the three numbers. To type the password in a hidden mode, you have to set the PasswordChar property to alphanumeric symbols such as * .

You can create a function called calMax that consists of three arguments x,y, z .You also need to write a procedure to call this function. This procedure should employs the  If Then ElseIf statements and the conditional operators to determine the maximum number. The function Str is used to convert a numeric to string.

The Interface


The Code

Function calMax(x, y, z As Variant)

If x > y And x > z Then

calMax = Str(x)
ElseIf y > x And y > z Then
calMax = Str(y)
ElseIf z > x And z > y Then

calMax = Str(z)

End If

End Function

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim a, b, c
a = Val(Txt_Num1.Text)
b = Val(Txt_Num2.Text)
c = Val(Txt_Num3.Text)

Lbl_Display.Caption = calMax(a, b, c)

End Sub

Private Sub Label5_Click()

End Sub







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