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This is a program that make use of the common dialog box to open an image file, to change text color and background color of the labels that show time and time. In this program, you need to insert the Microsoft Common Dialog Control 6.0. If it is not in the toolbox menu, you have to press Ctrl+T to open the components selection menu and select it then click OK. You also need to insert an image box, the timer and two labels.


Private Sub BackClrMnu_Click()
CommonDialog2.Flags = &H1&

Label1.BackColor = CommonDialog2.Color
Label2.BackColor = CommonDialog2.Color
End Sub

Private Sub DateMnu_Click()
Label2.Caption = Date
End Sub

Private Sub OpenMnu_Click()
CommonDialog1.Filter = "Bitmaps(*.BMP)|*.BMP|Metafiles(*.WMF)|*.WMF"
Image1.Picture = LoadPicture(CommonDialog1.FileName)
CloseMnu.Enabled = True
End Sub

Private Sub TextClrMenu_Click()
CommonDialog1.Flags = &H1&
Label1.ForeColor = CommonDialog1.Color
Label2.ForeColor = CommonDialog1.Color
End Sub

Private Sub TimeMnu_Click()
Label1.Caption = Time
End Sub






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