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Today I came across a question about Visual Basic that involves the use of text to control the appearance and disappearance of graphics. The question is as follow:


Microsoft Visual Basic?

How can i have it so that when i click a command button, a certain caption entered in a text box will triger a shape to appear? This is what i have so far:
Private Sub cmdcalculate_Click()
If txtcharacter = a Then
shpa.Visible = True
End Sub  "


It is quite obvious that the program won't work. Can you figure out why?

Ok, the correct program is shown on the right hand side.

The complete code should be

Private Sub cmdcal_Click()
Dim txtcharacter As String
txtcharacter = txtchar.Text
If txtcharacter = "a" Then
Shpa.Visible = True
Shpa.Visible = False
End If
End Sub

The mistakes in the original code are
(i) does not declare txtcharacter as a string data type
(ii) does not include  End If After the If statement
(iii) does not include the opening and closing quotes " " for the character a
(iv) should add the following statement
          Shpa.Visible = False

otherwise it will remains visible after you have entered the character a.






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