Trigonometric Table

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In today's program, I will create a trigonometric table that displays the values of sine, cosine and tangent for various angles in degree between 0< and 360< in a table form. The value of is obtained using the equation pi=4*Atn (1). The angle in degree is converted to radian
by multiplying the angle by ( pi/180). Different angles are obtained through the use of For...Next Loop. The program is shown below and the output is shown on the right


Private Sub Form_Activate ()
pi = 4 * Atn (1)
Print "angle", "Sin x", "Cos x", "Tan x"
For degree = 0 To 360 Step 30
angle = degree * (pi / 180)
Print degree, Round (Sin (angle), 4), Round (Cos (angle), 4), Round (Tan (angle), 4)
Next degree
End Sub











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