VB Today is a special column designed specially for you VB hobbyists . I will try my best to ensure  that a new Visual Basic  program/VBA program will be added daily ,so please visit this page everyday. Please click on the particular date to view the program of the day. I strongly recommend that you take a look at every individual program as they are good examples of VB programming. Since you get free tutorial here, please spend more time on learning from these examples. In the future, I might compile all these programs and publish a book.

March 2008 1  Bar Chart Plotter 2   FTP  3       The Circle Method 4       Array Function  5      Trigonometry  
6   Arrray in Excel   7 Data Input    8  Polling System     9     Polling System 2      10  Simple Database       11   VBA Commission   
17 Picture Viewer   18 Common Dialog   19 Graphics    20   Digial Dice     21   Excel Application      22 Excel Application2      
23 Excel Application3      


24 Combo Box       25 VBA Max        26 VBA Min        27 Move Object         28 Auto Move         
29 combo Picture         


30 Word Application           31 Text Graphics        


Important Announcement

VB Today was not updated  from 12 March 2008  to 16  March 2008 as I went for a charity bicycle ride  for 3 days , covering about 300 km. Now I am back.


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