VB Today is a special column designed specially for you VB hobbyists . I will try my best to ensure  that a new Visual Basic  program will be added daily ,so please visit this page everyday. Please click on the particular date to view the program of the day. I strongly recommend that you take a look at every individual program as they are good examples of VB programming. Not everyone wants to share their knowledge, so since you get free tutorial here, please spend more time on learning from these examples. In the future, I might compile all these programs and publish a book.


January 2008
    1 Web Browser 2Future value 3 Drawing 4    get maximum Traffic Light
6 Prime Number 7 Sine Rule 8 Functions 9 Financial 10  Investment 11 Depreciation

12  Loan Payment



13  Space Function  14 String Manipulation  15  String Reversal 16  Dice  17  Animated Dice  
18  Database  19  Advanced Database   20  Creating File   21  VBA  22  VBA II   23  VBA III
24  VBA IV


25  VBA V  26  VBA VI  27  VBA VII  28  VBA VIII   29  VBA IX   
30  VBA X   


31  VBA XI           

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