Creating an Amortization Calculator in Visual Basic 6

What is an amortization calculator? It is a calculator that can compute the amount of equal periodic payments necessary to provide lender with a specific interest return and repay the loan principal over a specified period. The loan amortization process involves finding the future payments whose present value at the load interest rate equal the amount of initial principal borrowed. You can create this calculator using visual basic 6 – See more at:

Amortization Calculator

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Drawing Text on Screen

We may have learned how to draw rectangle, ellipse and circle in visual basic 2013 , but do you know that we can draw text on the screen? Yes, indeed you can draw text on the screen.

In order to draw text on the screen, we can use the DrawString method. The format is as follows:

myGraphics.DrawString(myText, myFont, mybrush, X , Y)

Where myGraphics is the Graphics object, myText is the text you wish to display on the screen, myFont is the font object created by you, myBrush is the brush style created by you and X, Y are the coordinates of upper left corner of the Text.

You can create the Font object in visual basic 2013 using the following statement:

myFont = New System.Drawing.Font(“Verdana”, 20)


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Creating Mathematical Applications

Visual Basic is so versatile that you can create your own applications to solve mathematical problems fairly easily. You can even create graphical interface using visual Basic. For example, you can create an application to solve simultaneous equations. Learn how to do it by checking out the sample codes here:


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