Creating Arrays in Visual Basic 2013

What is an Array? In visual Basic 2013, an array is a group of variables(elements) with the same data type . When we work with a single item, we only need to use one variable. However, if we have a list of items which are of similar type to deal with, we need to declare an array of variables instead of using a variable for each item

For example, if we need to enter one hundred names, it is very tedious to declare one hundred different names, this is a waste of time and efforts. So, instead of declaring one hundred different variables, we need to declare only one array. We differentiate each item in the array by using subscript, the index value of each item, for example name(1), name(2),name(3) …….etc. , which will make declaring variables streamline and much more systematic.

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Creating an Amortization Calculator in Visual Basic 6

What is an amortization calculator? It is a calculator that can compute the amount of equal periodic payments necessary to provide lender with a specific interest return and repay the loan principal over a specified period. The loan amortization process involves finding the future payments whose present value at the load interest rate equal the amount of initial principal borrowed. You can create this calculator using visual basic 6 – See more at:

Amortization Calculator

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