Creating a Prime Number Tester in VB6

You can create a prime number tester in VB6 easily. This program can test whether a number entered by the user is a prime number or not.

A prime number is a number that cannot be divided by other numbers other than by itself. Examples are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13,17,19, 23,29, 31, 37 and more. – See more at:

Creating a Simultaneous Equations Solver in Visual Basic 6

You can create many practical Visual Basic applications in solving secondary school mathematics. Among them is simultaneous equations. You can create Visual Basic applications to solve linear simultaneous equations and non-linear simultaneous equations. Simultaneous equations are equations that involves two or more unknown variables. There must be as many equations as the number of unknown variables in order for us to solve the problem.

We have written two simultaneous equations solver using Visual Basic 6, one is linear and the other one is non-linear. learn more by following the links below:

Using Variables and Constants in Visual Basic 2015

In Visual Basic 2015 programming, we have to deal with all kinds of data. The data could be numbers, strings, time, currency and more. How do we store data then? In Visual Basic 2015, data can be stored as variables or as  constants. Variables are like mail boxes in the post office. The content of the variable changes every now and then, just like the mail boxes. In  Visual Basic 2015, variables are created in the specific areas allocated by the computer memory to store data.