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Thank you for using Visual Basic 6 tutorial to learn Visual Basic 6 programming.

I am proud to say that many people have benefited from this tutorial. I used to receive letters from users that thank me for helping them to master VB or passed examinations. It was so joyful to hear feedbacks like that and it gave me great motivation to continue maintaining and updating the website. 

You have learned 30 lessons so far and I strongly believe that you are very serious and keen to learn more. I would love to provide further lessons for free but then again let's put together our resources to keep the VB6 tutorial going so that it can benefits more people. You just need to contribute any amount(in USD) to  access Lesson 31 to Lesson 40. Click the Donate button now to get the missing lessons.                                                         

Another way to get the entire tutorial is to download Visual Basic Made Easy e-book . By downloading the e-book you can also  download Lesson 31 to Lesson 40 for FREE.

Thank you for your effort and may God bless you.

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(Dr.Liew Voon Kiong)

P/S : Lesson 31 to Lesson 40 teach you how to create some very interesting applications such as animation, error handling,  custom-made browser,  FTP program and more. You can also learn how to distribute your applications. I am sure you would like to learn how to create those applications. Just donate $2.00 and you can have access to all the missing lessons. If have no PayPal account, register one for free at