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Lesson 1

 Introduction to Visual Basic 6

Lesson 2  Building VB Applications
Lesson 3  Working with the Controls
Lesson 4  Writing the Code
Lesson 5  Managing VB Data


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Lesson 6  Working with Variables
Lesson 7  Controlling Program Flow using If ....Then....Else....End If
Lesson 8  Select Case....End Select  Control Structure
Lesson 9  Looping
Lesson 10  VB Built-in Functions
Lesson 11  Mathematical Functions
Lesson 12  Formatting Functions
Lesson 13  String Manipulation Functions
Lesson 14  Creating User-Defined Functions
Lesson 15  Creating VBA Functions for Microsoft  Excel
Lesson 16  Arrays 
Lesson 17  Working with Files
Lesson 18  Graphics
Lesson 19  Creating Multimedia Applications in VB : Part I
Lesson 20  Creating Multimedia Applications in VB : Part II
Lesson 21  Creating Multimedia Applications in VB : Part III
Lesson 22  Creating Multimedia Applications in VB : Part IV
Lesson 23  Creating Database Applications in VB-Part I
Lesson 24  Creating Database Applications in VB-Part II
Lesson 25  Creating VB Database Applications using ADO Control
Lesson 26  Using Microsoft DataGrid Control 6.0
Lesson 27  Using SQL Queries in VB 6
Lesson 28  More SQL Queries in VB 6
Lesson 29  Creating an Advanced VB Database Application
Lesson 30  Animation- Part I
Lesson 31  Animation-Part II
Lesson 32  Animation- Part III
Lesson 33 Creating Internet and Web Applications Part 1: The Web Browser
Lesson 34  Creating Internet and Web Applications Part 2: The FTP Program
Lesson 35  Errors Handling in VB
Lesson 36  Compiling and Distributing Your Programs
Lesson 37  Creating Menus for Your Applications
Lesson 38 Keyboard Handling 
Lesson 39 Using the Printer  
Lesson 40 Creating Reports in Visual Basic 6   

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Book Review by the Readers

From Jim Evans

"I have just completed the lesson book. I'll have to say that of the 3 books I have purchased and gone through thus far, yours is absolutely the best and most straight forward. The other books I have used go through so much boring background and detail, one tends to fall asleep before you finally get to what you are trying to find out. I suppose that is why they cost from $40 to $50 and above (the printing cost of extraneous materials). Yours however leads one through the basics and builds one up to a higher level, while showing other than talking. Kudos to you! As the commercial goes, "Its so easy a Caveman can do it." Thanks again, Jim Evans"



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