Excel VBA Made Easy


Author: Dr.Liew Voon Kiong


EXCEL VBA MADE EASY  is an eBook written to complement  Online Excel VBA Tutorial so that you can read it offline in your leisure time. You can use this book as a textbook for the tutorial. For your information, the print version of this book is published by Createspace.com and marketed by Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. Excel VBA tutorial.

By reading this book ,you can:


  • Understand the basic concepts of Excel VBA programming

  • Create your own Excel VBA programs right from the beginning

  • Get programming ideas from many interesting sample programs.

  • Modify the codes easily to suit your needs.

This book was written using simple English without technical jargons so that you can understand programming concepts even if you have no technical background.

You can also use the book in many ways, such as:


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