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Journey to the West - Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

Comprehensive and extremely detailed entry on Journey to the West. Contains everything you need to know about this particular classic.

Monkey - Great Sage Equal of Heaven (Monkey Magic)

Awesome site dedicated to Monkey Magic and Journey to the West! A joy to read and contains lots of information too, including episodes, cast, videos, etc. Very interesting and has that personal touch to it. It is one of the few high quality Journey to the West pages out there. A must see for any Monkey Magic/Journey to the West fans. The main page is a definite eye-catcher with a short clip of Monkey himself!

Monkey King's World

A detailed site dedicated to the Monkey King, Sun Wu Kong, with extensive galleries, music and info. Also kindly hosts the Monkey King forum.

Monkey Heaven

This is a huge website dedicated to the Japanese TV series based on Xiyouji. It contains lots and lots of info that is valuable not only to Monkey! fans but also Xiyouji fans. Contents include episode summaries, related films, books, games, links etc.

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