Star War



I have designed this game for educational purpose. This program can demonstrate the principle of projectile, a typical physics problem. At a certain angle and a certain launch velocity, the projectile can reach a certain range. The maximum range is at an angle of 45 degree. This principle can be applied in the military field where a missile needs to be launched at a certain velocity and angle in order to hit a remote target. It can also be applied in the scientific and technological fields. This game provides a good  training for students in their abilities in making estimation.

In this program, I used the formulae v sin A-(1/2)gt2  as  the vertical component of the displacement and v cos A as the horizontal component  of the displacement( where g is the gravitational acceleration , v the launch velocity and A the launch angle). To enable the missile to fly, I used the combination of the Object.Move method  and the object coordinate system , i.e. object. left and object.Top.

 I also use randomize method so that the objects will appear at different positions randomly at each new game. In addition, I also use the randomize method to load different background at start up and at each new game. I got some of the graphics from scanning and some from the Internet. I also got the sound from .

This program is one of the most complex I have ever programmed, I have to think out all the logics myself and it took me two days to finish it. It is truly an original work but I'm willing to share it  with all of you. The codes are displayed below but if you need extra information, you can always email me.

'To randomly set the initial positions of the objects

left1 = Int(Rnd * 7000) + 1000
left2 = Int(Rnd * 7000) + 1000
left3 = Int(Rnd * 7000) + 1000
top1 = Int(Rnd * 5000) + 100
top2 = Int(Rnd * 5000) + 100
top3 = Int(Rnd * 5000) + 100
Image2.Left = left1
Image3.Left = left2
Image4.Left = left3
Image2.Top = top1
Image3.Top = top2
Image4.Top = top3
w = 0
score = 0
Label7.Caption = Str$(score)
End Sub

Private Sub Image7_Click()
Label5.Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()

MMControl1.Command = "close"

If Image1.Left < 15000 And Image1.Top < 9000 Then

v = Val(Text1.Text)
a = Val(Text2.Text)
t = t + 1
' To use the formula vertical displacement=vsina- (1/2)gt^2 and horizontal displacement=vcosa*t
'So that it follows a parabolic trajectory

y = v * Sin(a * 3.141592654 / 180) * t - 4.9 * (t ^ 2)
x = v * Cos(a * 3.141592654 / 180) * t
Image1.Move Image1.Left + x, Image1.Top - y
If Image4.Visible = True And (Image1.Left < left3 + 240 And Image1.Left > left3 - 240) And (Image1.Top < top3 + 240 And Image1.Top > top3 - 240) Then
i = 2


It you wish to get the whole source codes, please donate $2.00 by clicking the button below, you will then be directed to the download page.

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