The Games: Reload

~ Prologue ~

by Yuen

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WARNING: This story will contain YAOI and YURI.

AN: This story is a new, revised, improved version of my old story, The Games. I've decided to give it some semblance of a plot because I don't want it to be taken down again, which happened twice. I've lost almost 200 reviews! T_T So I'm going to do it properly this time, with good characterization, plot, etc, and please, please tell me if you think that someone is going too OOC.

Old readers might find this story more serious than the previous story, which may put some people off, but I'll do my best to make it as funny and interesting. In fact, more funny and interesting. As usual, I'll interchange between paragraphs and script as I see fit. The prologue and first chapter will be written all in paragraphs though.

Yu Gi Oh characters are mostly introduced in the first chapter, but I strongly recommend that you read the prologue if you want to understand the plot and a little info about the main crossover character, Wu Kong. Yeah, this is sort of a crossover with Xiyouji but the only character really involved is Wu Kong. This is also kind of an AU. This takes place after the Egypt arc. Bakura and Yami Malik are alive, have separate bodies and have abandoned their evil plots (don't ask me how), Yami came back after disappearing into the void (there are fanfics out there which are about this) and took back with him the Items, Shadi is still alive (he didn't really die, just vanished), oh, and the characters are mostly homosexual. >D Anyway, happy reading! ^_^

There are a few terms you should know before reading this chapter.

Xiyouji: Journey to the West.

Youkai: Demon(s). I will use demon and youkai alternatively in this story.

Youki: In Xiyouji it refers to demonic scent (yao chi). Some translate it to mean demon energy.

'' ~ " - dialogue

' ~ ' - thoughts

( ~ ) - sound effects/movements/expressions


     The sun shone brightly above the mountains. A monk was riding a white horse on the winding trail. His face looked weary and dusty, but somehow he seemed to glow with an aura of compassion. In comparison with him, the three walking with him looked like demons - which they were. They were the disciples of the holy monk, Tan San Zhang, and were following him on a pilgrimage to the West to fetch the holy scriptures. With their powers, they would protect him from all harm, which mostly came from demons who coveted his flesh which would make them immortal.

     Incidentally, all of the disciples were immortal. Sun Wu Kong(0), the first disciple, had attained immortality about five hundred years ago and was the most powerful in the group. He was a monkey demon, the Handsome Monkey King, Great Sage Equal of Heaven(1), from the Water Curtain Cave of Flower Fruit Mountain. He had once wrecked havoc in Heaven and Hell, but had now reformed. The second disciple, Zhu Ba Jie was once a general in Heaven, Tian Peng Yuan Shuai(2), but was banished to earth for a drunken flirt with Chang Er, the moon goddess. The third disciple, Sha Wu Jing, ex-Juan Lian Jiang Jun(3), was also kicked out of Heaven, in his case for accidentally breaking a precious glass lamp. Even the horse was the transformation of a dragon prince.

     Wu Kong led the group in their march through the mountains, smiling happily. He was in a good mood because they had managed to make good progress for the last few days.  His bright golden eyes darted to and fro, and he was constantly moving, occasionally practicing a kick or move as he walked. Ba Jie was walking beside San Zhang. He had been accidentally reincarnated as a pig demon, thus giving him the form of a fat guy with pig ears and snout. Behind them all was Wu Jing, who had become a river demon. He had wild, black hair, fangs, and dark bluish skin. He was balancing two bundles of luggage across his shoulder.

    "Brother Wu Kong~" Ba Jie was whining. "I'm tired of walking, when are we gonna stop for lunch?"

    "Not until we get out of the mountains, or at least out of this pass," Wu Kong said firmly. "Don't you know that there might be demons lurking around to get our Master?"

    "But I'm hungry~ And this luggage is so heavy!" With that the pig demon launched into a long poem describing mainly how heavy the luggage was, how hot the weather, how empty his stomach, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda..... You get the drift.

     "And you're carrying nothing at all!" Ba Jie finished in a huff, glaring at Wu Kong. The monkey twitched.

     "You want to switch with me? I carry the luggage and you fight the demons. I want my hands clear in case of an attack. Anyway, I don't hear Wu Jing complaining," he said, eyes flashing. At the back, Wu Jing gave them both a pointed look that stated clearly 'I do NOT want to be involved in this'.

     "Well, he should!" Ba Jie said, raising his voice. "It's already noon and I demand that we have a rest now!"

     "You are fully aware that we shouldn't stop until we get to a relatively safe place!" Wu Kong was almost yelling.

     "Why you arrogant, selfish, inconsiderate, heartless bastard!"

     "You are the most lazy, good-for-nothing, greedy, stupid, ugly moron I've ever met for all the eight hundred years of my life!"

     "How dare you insult my looks and my brains! You aren't all that pretty either, monkey face!! And you're only five feet tall, may I remind you." He sneered. "I suppose you're tall for a monkey though..."

     "What?! How dare you! You're insulting my entire SPECIES!! "

     Wu Jing and San Zhang gave each other long-suffering looks as Wu Kong and Ba Jie began squabbling like children. San Zhang sighed.

     "Wu Kong, Ba Jie, my disciples," he tried. "Why don't we work something out...."

      But he was cut off by the suddenly darkening sky. A strong wind whipped up, ripping the leaves from trees and rocks from the ground. San Zhang cried out in fear as some of the debris hit him.

     "Master!" Wu Kong yelled. Ba Jie growled and wielded his rake, dropping the luggage off it. Both of them rushed to cover their master together with their youngest brother, who had his monk's staff out and ready.

     "Brother Wu Kong!" Wu Jing cried. "What's happening? First it was sunny, but now -"

     "This wind is the work of youkai!" Wu Kong snarled as he drew out a small needle from his ear. "Jin Gu Bang(4), grow!" At his command, the needle grew into a metal staff, with golden clasps at each end. He sniffed the air, eyes narrowing.

    "I smell youki....."

     "You smelt demons?!" Ba Jie blanched.    

     "Correction: one demon." It was familiar, this scent. 'Yet there's something strange... different about it. It's like two smells mixed into one, huge, evil smell,' Wu Kong thought uneasily, as he surveyed his surroundings with his golden fiery eyes, which could see for a thousand li (5). Then a realization struck him.

      "Ba Jie, Wu Jing!" The Great Sage Equal of Heaven yelled. "Take care of Master! Don't let your guard down!" "Wait a minute, monkey!" Ba Jie called. "Where are you going?!"

      Wu Kong turned back for a moment. A feral grin lit up his face. "To exterminate the demon, of course! Guard Master carefully. And I'm warning you - it's strong." With that, he disappeared into the howling winds.

     Leaving his master in the hands of his brothers(6), Sun Wu Kong made his way at high speed through the trees to where the youki was emanating from. To his senses, it was like a slimy bag of rubbish left out in the open to rot - evil, foul, nauseating. Suddenly the trees parted before him, revealing a huge clearing. 'This is the source!' Wu Kong's mind barely registered the thought when the source moved - and appeared directly in front of him.

     "Boo." The figure grinned. Sun Wu Kong leapt back immediately, slipping into a watertight defense stance. At the same time, his golden eyes flared up, flames dancing in his pupils, searching for the demon hidden in the body - a man with blonde hair, a headscarf, and sunglasses, with a sneer on his face. Wu Kong's eyes widened as he saw the man's true form.(7)

      "White Bone Demon!" He spat the name out like something unpleasant and slimy which had found its way into his mouth. This particular demon with the form of a living skeleton had been responsible for one of the worst times in his life, but- "I thought I killed you!"

      "Actually you did," the demon replied pleasantly. "Fortunately I managed to retain some of my soul, enough to fuse with another one, in another world." Smirking at his enemy's shocked expression, the demon continued. "Yes, I have the power to transcend worlds, and now, since I've fused my soul with one of equal darkness, I am much more powerful than before! I doubt that you could kill me now.

       "Remember my new name, Sun Wu Kong," the demon proclaimed before the monkey youkai could retort.

       "Bandit Keith." 



0) *IMPORTANT!* Sun is pronounced as 'soon'. Wu is pronounced as 'ooh'. Kong is not pronounced as in King Kong, but rhymes with 'cold'. There! Couldn't have you mispronouncing his name for the rest of The Games, ne?

1) Seiten Taisei in Japanese, Qi Tian Da Sheng in Chinese. Wu Kong can be addressed as Taisei-sama, Sun Da Sheng, or Great Sage. I'll use Japanese just because it looks nicer. ^_^

2) Tenpou Gensui. Yes, that's Hakkai's name in Heaven. It's the same because Saiyuki is based on Xiyouji. That's also where I'm getting the Japanese Xiyouji terms from.

3) Kenren Taisho. Gojyo's name in Heaven. His weapon looks like Wu Jing's.

4) Nyoibo. As in Goku's weapon. Looks like it too. Can grow and shrink at will. Wu Kong likes to keep it in his ear as a needle when he's not using it. (Warning: Don't try this at home! >D) The 'Bang' in Jin Gu Bang is not pronounced as in 'big bang'. It rhymes with 'bar'.

 5) Chinese mile. One li is shorter than one kilometer, I don't know more than that.

6) Brothers, not as in brothers by birth, but something like seniors and juniors in school. Their relationship is much closer though, because they're all disciples under a same master. Wu Kong was the first to become a disciple, therefore he is ranked as the eldest brother. The ranks are not determined by age. As a matter of fact, Wu Kong is probably the youngest. An 800-year-old is considered a child in immortal terms.

7) Fiery Golden Eyes. (Huo Yan Jin Jing) For wrecking havoc in Heaven, Wu Kong was burned in a magical furnace for 49 days. When he came out, his eyes had been burnt into Fiery Golden Eyes, extending his powers of vision. He can see any demon's true form and through darkness. His eyes' one weakness is smoke.

8) Sorry if the footnotes are too long! :p

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