For those who don't know, fanfiction refers to fiction written by fans of certain works, such as books, manga, movies etc. Fanfiction of Journey to the West goes way back to the Song Dynasty. In ancient China, it was a common practice to make sequels or works based on great literature, such as Journey to the West, as the concept of copyright didn't even exist back then. The 'fanfictions' of that period are mostly in traditional Chinese and are considered classical literature (for example: The Tower of Myriad Mirrors) therefore I have chosen to omit them. There are also countless modern works based on Xi You Ji, but all of them are in Chinese. This page is meant to house modern online fanfiction, written in English. Unfortunately, there aren't many fanfics written on Xi You Ji. And most of the fanfics are crossovers with other fandoms. I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me where to find Xi You Ji fanfiction. Thank you.



The Games: Reload by Yuen

Prologue 1 2

Summary: A crossover of Xiyouji and Yu Gi Oh! Wu Kong and co. are traveling through the mountains when they meet a powerful foe. Then people start falling from the sky. San Zhang, Ba Jie, and Wu Jing are kidnapped, along with some others. Wu Kong has to join forces with the strangers in order to save his master and brothers, and perhaps... even find something else on the way.  [Incomplete]



Journey to the West

Never For You by Yuen

Summary: A very, very short drabble. Wu Kong's thoughts after he was tricked into believing San Zang had been killed. Angst. [Complete]




  Xiyouji: Journey to the West by The Pilgrimage (group)

1 2 3 4

Summary: When the fate of the eastern world hangs in the balance, the gods call on a ragtag group. A Monkey boy, a Czechan moblord, a distempered High Priestess, a disreputable watersprite, a talking tank and three small dragons must quest to save it.  [Incomplete]


NEW!! XiYouJi: The Lost Scripture by GirlWithNoLife

1 2 3 4 5

Summary: Dwynwen was a young girl who’s only goal in life was to become a hermit and hide away from the rest of the world. But it seems the gods have other things in mind. With the help of Wukong and the others Dywn must save the world whether she wants to or not. [Incomplete]


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