Visual Basic 2010 Tutorial

Visual Basic 2010 was launched by Microsoft in the year 2010. Visual Basic 2010 is a full fledged Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) Language. Though it is a full fledged OOP language, it still retains most of the original syntaxes of Visual Basic. Therefore, prior knowedge of OOP is not required to learn visual basic 2010. For example, you still can use If…Then..Else, Select Case…End Select and more. Start learning Visual Basic 2010 by following the lessons listed in the contents below:


Start learning Visual Basic 2010 by clicking the topics listed under contents.

Lesson 1- Introduction
Lesson 2-Working with Controls
Lesson 3-Working with Control Properties
Lesson 4 -Object Oriented Programming
Lesson 5-Writing the Code
Lesson 6- Managing Data
Lesson 7- Mathematical Operations
Lesson 8- String Manipulation
Lesson 9- Using If….Then….Else
Lesson 10- Using Select Case
Lesson 11- Looping
Lesson 12- Introduction to Functions
Lesson 13- the Built-in Functions
Lesson 14- The Math Functions
Lesson 15 – The Format Functions
Lesson 16 –Formatting Date and Time
Lesson 17 – Using Check Box
Lesson 18 – Using Radio Button

Lesson 19 – Creating A Simple Web Browser
Lesson 20 – Errors Handling
Lesson 21- Managing Graphics
Lesson 22 – The DrawRectangle Method
Lesson 23 – The DrawEllipse Method
Lesson 24 – The DrawString Methods
Lesson 25 – The DrawPolygon and DrawPie Method
Lesson 26 – Filling Shapes with Colour
Lesson 27 – Using Timer
Lesson 28 – Creating Animation
Lesson 29 –Building a Database
Lesson 30 –Creating Connection to Database Using ADO.NET
Lesson 31 –Working with Databases Part 3
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Dr.Liew to complement our online tutorial.

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