Visual Basic 2010 Tutorial


Visual Basic 2010 is the version of Visual Basic launched by Microsoft in 2010. Visual Basic 2010 is almost similar to Visual Basic 2008, but it has added many new features. Like Visual Basic 2008 , Visual Basic 2010 is also a full fledged Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) Language, so it has caught up with other OOP languages such as C++, Java,C# and others. Start learning Visual Basic 2010 by following the lessons listed in the contents below:

Lesson 1- Introduction
Lesson 2-Working with Controls
Lesson 3-Working with Control Properties
Lesson 4 -Object Oriented Programming
Lesson 5-Writing the Code
Lesson 6- Managing Data
Lesson 7- Mathematical Operations
Lesson 8- String Manipulation
Lesson 9- Using If….Then….Else
Lesson 10- Using Select Case
Lesson 11- Looping
Lesson 12- Functions Part 1
Lesson 13- Function Part II
Lesson 14- Functions Part III- Math Functions
Lesson 15 – Functions Part IV- Formatting Functions
Lesson 16 – Functions Part V- Formatting Date and Time
Lesson 17 – Using Check Box
Lesson 18 – Using Radio Button

Lesson 19 – Creating A Simple Web Browser
Lesson 20 – Errors Handling
Lesson 21- Managing Graphics 1-Basic Concepts
Lesson 22 – Managing Graphics -Drawing Rectangle
Lesson 23 – Managing Graphics -Drawing Ellipse and Circle
Lesson 24 – Managing Graphics -Drawing Text
Lesson 25 – Managing Graphics -Drawing Polygon and Pie
Lesson 26 – Managing Graphics-Filling Shapes with Color
Lesson 27 – Using Timer
Lesson 28 – Creating Animation
Lesson 29 –Working with Databases Part 1
Lesson 30 –Working with Databases Part 2
Lesson 31 –Working with Databases Part 3

The complete Visual Basic 2010 tutorial is available in the form of E-Book, Visual Basic 2010 Made Easy ,written by our webmaster and tutor , Dr.Liew to complement our online tutorial. With more than 200 pages of contents and many hands on examples, you should be able to master the basics of VB2010 quickly.

ISBN-13: 978-1467975193

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8 thoughts on “Visual Basic 2010 Tutorial

  1. Presley

    Is there a way i can create a program such that, when a string is entered in a text box, the output is a sum of numbers?
    for example:
    then the word Cab is entered in a text box irrespective of letter case, to give an output of 9?
    also the word BCB 58 to give an output of 71? is there a way?


    Please include a tutorial on how to use listboxes for 2010. I can’t seem to be able to make a calculator with a listbox of choices and if u click a different one, it will determine the equations plus minus, division and multiplication. When it doesnt come up with errors, and test it, all the answers = to zero for some reason. Please explain what i have to do.

  3. vher_way

    Hello sir.. Can I ask something!!

    How do we create a new DataGrid automatically when new data is entered into the database!

    Illustration like this:

    We have 1 table in a database with the name “A”. in the “A” there are some data such as Brand, Color, Type.

    We want to make some DataGrid with an amount equal to the number of colors. 1 datagrid there are 3 columns (No, Brand, Type)

    We suppose initial color data is “Red”, “Green”, “Blue”.
    When we enter a new color, say “Yellow” new DataGrid will automatically be created by itself. with the same number of columns with datagrid previous color.

    Is that possible?

    Please tell me!!

    1. Dr.Liew Post author

      You need to include another DataGrid and connect it to another table in the same database. In your case, Table A comprises Brand, Color, Type and Table B comprises No, Brand, Type. You can join the two tables using SQL syntax using a common indexed field, in your case maybe you can use brand, but normally we use a model number or serial number. You can refer to our database example in our Facebook page at:

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