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Visual Basic 6 Tutorial

VB Introduction

Visual Basic, a third-generation programming language, renowned for its user-friendly interface, was first unveiled by Microsoft in 1991, reaching its pinnacle with VB 6.0 before the advent of VB.NET. This language is an excellent entry point for beginners, offering a seamless experience in crafting GUI window applications. Visual Basic 6 Tutorial features forty straightforward lessons and a plethora of sample codes , paving the way for effortless mastery of VB programming. Furthermore, Visual Basic 6 serves as the foundational language for coding VBA, the programming language that allows user to develop macros for Microsoft Office apps such as MS Excel, MS Words, MS Powerpoint and more. Therefore, you might want to check out our Excel VBA macro programming Tutorial.

Visual Basic 6 Made Easy

This book is authored by our tutor, Dr.Liew. It was used as a textbook by the University of Wesleyan. Besides that, this book has been used in high school and university computer science courses all over the world. You can certainly use it for your VB projects reference text.

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