Introduction to Visual Basic 2017

To start programming in Visual Basic 2017, you need to launch Visual Studio 2017 RC. The following is the start page of Visual Studio 2017.

Click on project and the New Project window opens. Select Visual Basic and choose Windows Forms App(.NET Framework) as shown in the figure below.  Also enter the project name and then click OK.

After clicking OK, You will be presented with the Visual Basic 2017 IDE,as shown in the figure below.  The VB2017 IDE comprises a windows form, the Solution Explorer, the Properties window and the toolbox.

To start programming, click on the form to  bring up the code window.

The first program you can write is to enter the following code:

MsgBox(“Welcome to Visual Basic 2017”)

Running the program will produce a message box that shows the message “Welcome to Visual Basic 2017”