Stock Trading Simulator

You can create a stock trading simulation program easily in Visual Basic. We will create such program using Visual Basic 6. Of course, you can also create the program using other versions of Visual Basic.

For stock trading, we need to consider the following data:

Asking Price- Price offered by the sellers
Bidding Price- Price offered by the buyers
Selling Quantity-Total number of shares available for sale on the stock market
Buying Quantity- Total number of shares the buyers bid on the stock market
Last Done Price- The price for the last transaction
Order Price – Price bid by the trader to buy or to sell
Order Quantity- Number of Shares ordered by the trader
Average Price- Average share price
Buy Value – Average value of shares paid by the trader
Gross Market Value- The current market of shares owned by the trader
The total number of shares in the hand of the trader.

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Stock Trading Simulation Program