Deploying your Visual Basic 2017 Applications

Having developed a Visual Basic 2017 application, you might want to publish and distribute it to the users.

Before deploying your application,  you need to test and debug your application to ensure it is error-free.

Publishing your application is a very easy procedure, it just requires a few clicks. First of all, load your application in Visual Basic 2017. In this example, I wish to publish my Draw Text application. In the VB2017 IDE, choose Build and then select Publish Draw text, as shown in the following figure.

publish visual basic 2017

After clicking Publish Draw Text, the Publish Wizard will ask you to choose a location that you want to publish this application. You may publish the application on your local drive or to a remote location via FTP, as shown in the following figure:

Click the Next button to continue. Now, the Publish Wizard will ask you how will users install the application. There are three options,  from a website,  from a UNC path or file share and from a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. In this example, we choose CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, as shown in the following figure:

You may click the Next button to continue with the Publish Wizard or the Finish button to complete the publishing process. If you click the Next button, the Publish Wizard will ask where will the application check for updates. In our example, we choose that the application will not check for updates, as shown in the following figure.

After clicking the Next button, the final screen of the Publish Wizard will show you where the application will be published to.

Upon clicking the Finish button, the installation files and folder will be saved to the specified location. In our examples, the folder is Application files and the files are Draw text.application and setup.exe. You may now burn the folder and files into a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or upload them to a website for distribution to the users.