Visual Basic 2015 Tutorial

Visual Basic 2015 is a version of the VB.NET programming languages released by Microsoft in 2015. Similar to the earlier versions of VB.NET programming languages, Microsoft bundled it as part of the Visual Studio Community 2015 Integrated Development Environment(IDE). It comes with many new and impressive features that include the capability to build mobile applications. Start learning Visual Basic 2015 by following the topics below:


  1. Lesson 1: Introduction to Visual Basic 2015
  2. Lesson 2: Building Interface 1-Customizing Form
  3. Lesson 3: Building Interface 2-Adding Controls to the Form
  4. Lesson 4: Writing the Code
  5. Lesson 5: Working with Controls
  6. Lesson 6: List Box and Combo Box
  7. Lesson 7: Working with Picture Box
  8. Lesson 8: Dealing with Data
  9. Lesson 9: Working with Variables and Constants
  10. Lesson 10: Working with Arrays
  11. Lesson 11: Performing Arithmetic Operations
  12. Lesson 12: Working with Strings
  13. Lesson 13: Using If..Then….Else
  14. Lesson 14: Dealing with Multiple Choices using Select Case
  15. Lesson 15: Looping for Repetitive Jobs
  16. Lesson 16: Understanding Sub Procedures
  17. Lesson 17: Functions
  18. Lesson 18: Working with Mathematical Functions
  19. Lesson 19: Trigonometric Functions
  20. Lesson 20: Format Function
  21. Lesson 21: Working with Checkboxes
  22. Lesson 22: Working with Radio Buttons
  23. Lesson 23: Creating a Web Browser
  24. Lesson 24: Handling Errors
  25. Lesson 25: Object-Oriented Programming
  26. Lesson 26: Creating Graphics-Introduction
  27. Lesson 27: Creating Rectangles
  28. Lesson 28: Creating Ellipses and Circles
  29. Lesson 29: Drawing Text
  30. Lesson 30: Drawing Polygons and Pies
  31. Lesson 31: Filling Shapes with Colors
  32. Lesson 32: Using Timer
  33. Lesson 33: Creating Animation
  34. Lesson 34: Creating Databases
  35. Lesson 35: Creating Connection in Databases
  36. Lesson 36: Browsing and Editing Data
  37. Lesson 37: Building Console Application Part 1
  38. Lesson 38: Building Console Application Part 2

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