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Visual Basic 2012 Tutorial

This is the one-stop Visual Basic 2012 tutorial and resuorce centre. The tutorial is written in plain language to enable everyone masters Visual Basic 2012 programming effortlessly.

Visual Basic Express 2012 is the version of Visual Basic launched by Microsoft in 2012. Visual Basic Express 2012 is almost similar to Visual Basic Express 2010 and Visual Basic 2008, but it has added some new features. The most distinct difference is that Visual Basic Express 2012 no more comes as a stand alone program, it is now integrated with other Microsoft Programming languages C# and C++ in a Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called Visual Studio 2012.

A Brief History of Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a third-generation event-driven programming language first released by Microsoft in 1991. The final version of the classic Visual Basic was Visual Basic 6. VB is a user-friendly programming language designed for beginners. Therefore, It enables anyone to develop GUI window applications easily. Many developers still favour VB6 over its successor VB.NET. In 2002, Microsoft released Visual Basic.NET(VB.NET) to replace Visual Basic 6. Thereafter, Microsoft declared VB6 a legacy programming language in 2008. However, Microsoft still provides some form of support for VB6. VB.NET is a fully object-oriented programming language implemented on the .NET Framework. It was created to cater for the development of the web as well as mobile applications.

Subsequently, Microsoft has released many versions of VB.NET. They are VB2005, VB2008, VB2010, VB2012, VB2013, VB2015 and VB2017. Although the .NET portion was discarded in 2005, all versions of the Visual Basic programming language released since 2002 are regarded as VB.NET programming languages. Every version of VB.NET is bundled with other Microsoft programming languages that include C#, C++, F#, JavaScript, Python and more in the Microsoft Integrated Development Environment(IDE) known as Visual Studio.

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