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About Us

vbTUTOR.NET, the popular online Visual Basic Tutorials,  was founded by our tutor and Webmaster Dr.Liew in 1996. Since the inception of  vbTUTOR.NET, it consistently ranks top on major search engines,  including Google.

Dr.Liew  holds a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics and a Master Degree in Management. In addition, he holds a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration(University of South Australia). In the 1970's, he started programming in many computer languages before the arrival of the personal computers.  Among the computer languages, he has mastered FORTRAN  and BASIC.

In 1980's, when Microsoft invented the MS-DOS and later Windows, he began to play with QBASIC. As a matter of fact,  Microsoft shipped QBASIC  free with MS_DOS and the earlier versions of Windows.  Besides that, he also laid his hand on the QUICK BASIC compiler, a variant of QBASIC.

When Microsoft Introduced Visual Basic in the 1990s, he shifted his interest to the GUI-based Visual Basic programming and immediately fell in love with it. From then on he focuses on learning and mastering vb programming. Besides that, he also strives to educate Visual Basic hobbyists and students around the globe via our Website.

In addition, he has also authored a few Visual Basic books as listed below:

You can use these books as the reference books for learning Visual Basic.  Furthermore, we are proud that a computer science professor at the University of Wesleyan, USA has used Visual Basic 6 Made Easy as a textbook.

Dr.Liew also runs other tutorials, you may want to check them out :

He can be contacted at:

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