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Professional Casino Slot Machine

This is a slot machine that resembles the real slot machines. For this project, you need to insert three image boxes into the form and program them so that they will display a set of three different pictures randomly when the user presses on the spin button. It involves a randomization process. Next, a timer needs to be incorporated into the procedures so that the program can produce animated effects. In addition, we insert the Microsoft Multimedia Control so that it can play sounds in synchronization with the spinning of the slot machine as well as when the player hits the jackpot. You can design any interface you like. We have created an interface as shown below:

The Interface

The Video Demo

The Code for Spin Sub Procedure

a = 1 + Int(Rnd *3)
b = 1 + Int(Rnd *3)
c = 1 + Int(Rnd *3)
If a = 1 Then
Image1(0).Picture =LoadPicture("C:\VB program\Images\grape.gif")
End If
If a = 2 Then
Image1(0).Picture =LoadPicture("C: \VB program\Images\cherry.gif")
End If
If a = 3 Then
Image1(0).Picture =LoadPicture("C:\VB program\Images\orange.gif")
End If
If b = 1 Then
Image1(1).Picture =LoadPicture("C:\VB program\Images\grape.gif")
End If
If b = 2 Then
Image1(1).Picture =LoadPicture("C:\VB program\Images\cherry.gif")
End If
If b = 3 Then
Image1(1).Picture =LoadPicture("C:\VB program\Images\orange.gif")
End If
If c = 1 Then
Image1(2).Picture =LoadPicture("C:\VB program\Images\grape.gif")
End If
If c = 2 Then
Image1(2).Picture = LoadPicture("C:\VB program\Images\cherry.gif")
End If
If c = 3 Then
Image1(2).Picture =LoadPicture("C:\VB program\Images\orange.gif")
End If
End Sub

The three random variables a, b and c will be randomly assigned the values 1, 2 and 3 using the RND  function. Based on these three random numbers, three different pictures will be loaded into the three image boxes randomly using the LoadPicture method. Animated effects are created by putting the above procedure under the control of Timer1, which will call the spin procedure after every interval until it fulfills a certain condition. Sounds are also added using the Microsoft Multimedia Control to make the game more realistic and interesting. The amount won is controlled by the If...Then...End If statements

It is important that you define the correct path for the LoadPicture method, otherwise the program will not be able to run. For example, our path is C:\VB program\Images\grape.gif, you need to create the necessary folders and have the necessary image file if you wish to copy the program directly. If you place the image file in a differently folder, you need to modify the path accordingly. For example, if your image file is in D:\VB program\Images\grape.gif, then you need to modify the LoadPicture method to  LoadPicture("D:\VB program\Images\grape.gif").

If you wish to use our image files, you can download from the links below:

sound and the other for the jackpot sound. Below is the video demo of the slot machine simulator.


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