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Smart Audio Player

You can create an audio player that enables you to play midi and wave files in your hard drives or DVDROM. It allows you to change drives and search for the particular sound file that you wish to play.

In this program, you have to add a Combo box, a List Box, a Text Box, a Drive List Box and three command buttons. Change the label of  one of the buttons to "PLAY", another command button to "STOP", and the last command button to "EXIT". Besides, you need to add the MMControl and make it invisible.

The code

Sub Combo1_Change( )

if ListIndex=0 Then
 ElseIf ListIndex=1 Then
  End If

 End Sub

 If Right(File1.Path,1) <>"\" Then
  filenam=File1.Path +"\"+File1.Filename

End If Text1.Text=filenam End Sub Private Sub Play_Click( ) If Combo1.ListIndex=0 Then MMControl1.DeviceType="WaveAudio" ElseIf Combo1.ListIndex=1 Then MMControll.DeviceType="Sequencer" End If MMControl1.FileName=Text1.Text MMControl1.Command="Open" MMControl1.Command="Play" End Sub Private Sub Stop_Click( ) If MMControl1.Mode=524 Then Exit Sub If MMControl1.Mode<>525 Then MMControl1.Wait=True MMControl1.Command="Close" End Sub Private Sub Dir1_Change( ) File1.Path=Dir1.Path If Combo1.ListIndex=0 Then File1.Pattern=("*.wav") ElseIf Combo1.ListIndex=1 Then File1.Pattern=("*.mid") Else File1.Pattern=("*.*) End If End Sub Private Sub Drive1.Change( ) Dir1.Path=Drive1.Drive End Sub Private Sub Form_Load( ) Top=(Screen.Height-Height)\2 Left=(Screen.Width-Width)\2 Combo1.Text="*.wav" Combo1.AddItem "*.wav" Combo1.AddItem "*.mid" Combo1.AddItem "All files" End Sub

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