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Lesson 30 Drawing Polygon & Pie

We have learned how to create the Graphics and the Pen objects to draw rectangle, ellipse, circle, and text in the preceding lessons, now we shall learn how to draw polygons and pie in Visual basic 2019.

30.1: Drawing Polygons

Polygon is a closed plane figure bounded by three or more straight sides. In order to draw a polygon on the screen, we need to define the coordinates of all the points (also known as vertices) that joined up to form the polygon. The syntax to define the points of a polygon with vertices A1,A2,A3,A4…….An is as follows;

Dim A1 As New Point(X1,Y1)Dim A2 As New Point(X2,Y2)Dim A3 As New Point(X3,Y3)
Dim A4 As New Point(X4,Y4)
Dim An as New Point(Xn,Yn)

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