Visual Basic 2008 Tutorial

Visual Basic 2008 was launched by Microsoft in 2008. Visual Basic 2008 is almost similar to Visual Basic 2005 but it has added many new features. Visual Basic 2008 is a full fledged Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Language. We also offer other Visual Basic tutorials, VB6, VB2010, VB2012 and VB2013.


Lesson 1.Introduction

Lesson 2.Working With Controls

Lesson 3. Working With Control Properties

Lesson 4. Object Oriented Programming

Lesson 5. Writing the Code

Lesson 6. Managing VB2008 Data

Lesson 7. Mathematical Operations

Lesson 8. String Manipulation

Lesson 9. Controlling Program Flow Using If..Then..Else

Lesson 10. Select Case Control Structure

Lesson 11. Looping

Lesson 12. Functions-Part I

Lesson 13. Functions-Part II

Lesson 14. Functions-Part III (Math Functions)

Lesson 15. Functions-Part IV (Formatting Functions)

Lesson 16. Functions Part V- Formatting Date and Time

Lesson 17. Using Check Boxes

Lesson 18. Using Check Radio Buttons

Lesson 19. Creating A Simple Web Browser

Lesson 20. Errors Handling

Lesson 21. Reading and Writing Files

Lesson 22. Managing Graphics -Basic Concepts

Lesson 23. Managing Graphics -Drawing Rectangle

Lesson 24. Managing Graphics -Drawing Ellipse and Circle

Lesson 25. Managing Graphics -Drawing Text

Lesson 26. Managing Graphics -Drawing Polygon and Pie

Lesson 27. Managing Graphics-Filling Shapes with Color

Congratulations for completing all the lessons!

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